Chapter Leadership

                                    Note:  Titles in BOLD font indicate members of the Board of Directors.

Position/Area of Responsibility

 Name  Email  
President    Annette Kahler Peter  

Communications Director 

  Stephanie Mumford Brown       

Events & Activities Director

  Emma Maceko  
Finance & Records Director   Natalie Bausback  
Golf Programs & Services Director   Elizabeth (Liz) Gaudet  

Marketing Director

  Julie Naglieri  

Membership Recruitment Director

  Michele Endries  
Membership Services Director   Tara Curley  

Chapter Championship Director

  Julie Naglieri and Sandy Osborne  

Chapter Volunteers

  Tara Curley  

Golf Education

  Elizabeth Gaudet  

Golf Events

  Elizabeth Gaudet  

Handicap Director

  Michele Walls  
League Director

  Elizabeth Gaudet  

Media Relations
 Julie Naglieri  

Non-Golf Events

  Emma Maceko  


  Julie Naglieri  


  Natalie Bausback  


  Stephanie Brown