League Subbing

Subbing is a great way to get to know our chapter's leagues, players, and courses. It's also a good way to get flexible playing time.

Who can sub? Any player with a current EWGA membership. 
Are there priorities and limits? If you do not belong to any EWGA league, you receive priority for subbing requests from league members. There is no limit on the number of leagues you can sub in, but you must meet any handicap or skill requirement for each league. See Player Skill Guidelines for detailed descriptions. 
How do I find out when I play and pay? The league member needing a sub does the outreach, usually by email (to the priority list first). She arranges to collect payment directly from the sub, and if possible lets her know what group she's playing in. The league member also emails sub info to her captain, so the sub can be notified about any weather delay or cancellation.
What do I pay? For a full list of leagues and sub fees, click here. If a league member has paid a discounted greens fee, the sub pays a fee based on the discounted amount. 
For more information, contact:
Michelle Burton, Director of Golf Programs
EWGA Albany/Capital Region NY